Budget Travel Tips: Easy Money Saving Tips & Tricks

Budget traveler

Introduction Are you looking to travel yet you are cash strained? You can still make the best of your travels without spending a fortune. In order for you to spend less in your travels, the trick is to start planning for the trip early enough. This way you are able to shop around for cheap deals and plan for a trip that fits your budget. Listed below are some useful budget traveler tips that will help you enjoy your travels without denting your financials.

Use public transport to get around

ln most places, buses are the cheapest mode of transport. Cabs and flights can tend to stretch your budget and it is better to stick to cheaper means, this way, you will get to experience your destinations even more.

Avoid traveling during the peak season

As a budget traveler, you should be aware that the rates during summer and the holidays tend to be on the highest. Personally, I prefer travelling the first or second week of January or immediately after the festives. Hotels tend to be cheapest during these off-peak days and they are less crowded as well

Book your flights early enough

lt is no secret that booking a flight more than 4 months prior to your travel dates is way cheaper than booking a 2 weeks before due date. The downside with booking early is, sometimes you might be forced to cancel your trip or reschedule, factor in a small premium for such nstances.

Take advantage of commentaries

Depending on your hotels, travel agents etc, they will always offer some commentaries that you should be on the lookout for and take advantage of them. For example, some hotels will offer complimentary game drives and complimentary breakfast. In case you are offered, eat as much food as you can so that you can save up on money that would otherwise be used to buy snacks, etc.

Keep off tourist hotels

Tourist hotels tend to be very expensive. If you are a budget traveler, you should out for hotels where the locals prefer to stay. Talk to the locals and they will always recommend nice places to eat and stay without spending too much. If possible, stay with family and friends in the areas you are visiting.

Write down your budget and stick to it

While travelling, we tend to buy things and spend money on impulse, without a budget or a plan. It is important to create a budget and try as much as possible to stick by it Avoid buying expensive souvenirs and instead get less expensive ones like postcards or even photos that you take while on your travels will suffice.

Pack Light

Packing bulky luggage risks additional baggage costs. It is therefore to pack light and save yourself the trouble. Before packing, write down a packing list and carry the most important things that you require. It is also good to avoid last minute packing as you will tend to forget thing or pack things out of panick.

Cost share the expenses

lf you travelling as a group, the cost tends to be reduced. You can get a rental home that will occupy up to 10 people and cost share. You can also share the costs of hotel rooms and car hires. This will significantly reduce your costs.

Travel Insurance

Budget travellers do not necessarily require travel insurance as it might be seen as an extra cost. If you already have an insurance cover, inquire from your broker or provider on the things you will be covered for while on your trip. You will be surprised that the insurance will cover most of what you require while on travel. If you are driving across countries, you will be required to get insurance cover for the countries you are travelling to.

Look out for free destinations

Most museums are free to visit. National game parks and reserves tend to be cheaply priced and a very good way to spend time while on a trip.