Okay, of course I do not obligate you ;-). But I found an overnight stay in a capsule hotel a super fun ‘Singapore’ experience, which made my trip through this fantastic country a bit more complete. And it also has some advantages. They come!

Capsule hotel singapore

Well, what do you have to imagine? I immediately got some claustrophobic thoughts, which actually made me anything but enthusiastic. But once I immersed myself in it, I thought it was an ideal way to sleep in a hostel. Because what is the difference between a capsule hotel and a hostel?

A Capsule Hotel Singapore is actually a hostel where you have your own ‘capsule’. And sometimes you even have them with TV and radio. So instead of sleeping next to each other in a room in bunk beds, you can close off with a capsule from others and have more privacy. Ideal! A big plus, since I have been placed on my privacy.

Kiba hotel

Men and women are separated in most capsule hotel singapore. Something I of course disliked, because I did not mind sitting Ruud on the other side of Tokyo. What is the use of traveling together ;-).

After a short search I found the Kiba hotel. A hotel that is clean, well maintained and has capsules for two people. Or nouja, one and a half actually, because a bed of 1.20 meters is not very wide, ha-ha. In addition to the capsule rooms, the Kiba hotel also offers private rooms for when you still need more privacy. Oh, and another plus: They have a bubble bath! Well men and women separated ;-).

Whirlpool Kiba hotel

For each guest of the Kiba hotel slippers and pajamas are laid out and you have your own safe to store your valuable belongings. The capsule hotel singapore itself consists of a bed with a mini TV, a radio, an alarm clock and a curtain to shut you off from the large room. I slept wonderfully!

Well, I have to say that we slept outside the season and that, apart from a few other guests, we were almost the only ones in our capsule hotel singapore room. I can imagine that it is more restless during high season. Oh, and then, if you suffer from claustrophobia, I would still look for a bigger capsule!