The Advantages and Disadvantages of a Cheap Hotel

Staying in a cheap hotel can come to think that it is something that can be uncomfortable, unsafe and even dangerous, but the truth is that this is not totally true, since in places like the singapore budget hotel its commercial premise is to maintain a good attention to all its guests and also be able to provide a very high security. It could be said that currently all singapore budget hotel are in the same trend, but it is also clear that the hotel does not lack the minimum security and comfort measures.

The same happens in the city of Madrid, which has the greatest commitment in the singapore budget hotel industry for being the main city of Spain and also the destination most desired by both tourists and business people who come from all over the world. The hotel madrid center is an example to follow in terms of security, because it allows all guests to have a full service, which also can find a lot of fun and relaxation.

The Madrid hotel could be said to be a pioneer in security programs, and regardless of whether it is a hotel considered cheap, the truth is that it offers a very wide range of offers for all its customers.

The stars of a renowned hotel are dreaming more than one, we imagine very luxurious rooms with a beautiful view while having a quality service and a staff irreproachable. The other side of the picture is different, the staff is working hard to keep these precious stars and to maintain their position in the ranking of the best hotels in a region. Recently, the singapore budget hotel classification has changed. Indeed, a new classification based on new standards has been established. What are the characteristics of a 3-star hotel?

Above all, it is useful to know what are the criteria for awarding stars to a hotel. Since 1 January 2017, the European association “Hotelstars Union“, of which Belgium is a part, has modified the classification system of the various hotels by elaborating a new classification with new standards. But what are the criteria to fulfill to obtain these prestigious stars?

One of the first changes is that stars are now valid for five years and not indefinitely as in the past. The star rating will require prior checking of the administration in your establishment as well as periodic checks every 5 years.

This new European grid proposes a standardized classification of singapore budget hotel based on an exhaustive list of criteria to be met. Each of these criteria represents a number of points. Depending on the number of points obtained, the hotel will be awarded a number of stars ranging from 1 to 5. These criteria are divided into several areas, namely:

General information of the hotel,
reception and services,
event facilities,
quality and online activities.

The goal is to allow travelers to avoid unpleasant surprises by arriving at the scene by providing them with reliable and real information. This new evaluation grid allows establishments to be on an equal footing and gives more guarantees on the qualitative aspects of the hotel such as reception, staff, maintenance, hygiene and cleanliness.

Each star assigned to a hotel has specific characteristics. Let’s look at the characteristics of a 3-star hotel:

The area: The room must measure 13,5m² and sanitary must be included in this space.

The equipment: The room must have the following equipment, namely: a switch for lighting next to the bed, a lamp on the table or desk, a luggage rack, a telephone and television with the appropriate channels, extra pillows and blankets if needed, breakfast can be requested in the room but without obligation. As for the common area, the hotel must provide internet connection, newspapers and magazines, a lounge area and a lift as soon as the establishment consists of 3 floors. However, in terms of air conditioning, hotels are not obliged to dispose of it.

Payment: Customers can make a payment by credit card.
These are all the features a guest can expect from a double room in a 3-star hotel

After all, the most important thing is not to have 5 stars to its credit but rather the satisfaction of the customers in order to retain them and that they come back to the hotel after a very good stay. There are many 3-star hotels available in the area. The Domaine d’Arondeau offers 10 luxury rooms, luxurious and comfortable, with a splendid view of the park of 15 hectares or the water, what more? This refined and warm 3-star hotel has not stopped surprising you!