The Five Best Places In Europe For A Romantic Trip

Nothing is more romantic than taking your loved one with you on a journey. Surprise him or her with a trip to a place where you feel the sparks skip, where chemistry transcends all boundaries or where you can just lie close to each other. Sooty and amorous places where love is first and where the butterflies have another chance to flutter in your stomach. There are plenty of places that evoke romantic feelings, making it difficult to make a choice. We have listed the five best places for a romantic trip in Europe. For Valentine’s Day or any other moment that you want to treat your sweetheart.

Verona, Italy

All clichés about Italy are correct: it is indisputably one of the most romantic countries in the world. For Valentine’s Day, Italy quickly comes into the picture for a loving trip. Then you immediately think of Venice, the island of Capri or Lake Como, but that is far too easy! They are indeed fantastic places full of romance, atmosphere, history, candlelight dinners and….. hundreds of thousands of tourists. Choose Verona, a city that is slightly less high on the tourist bucket list. Since Shakespeare Romeo and Juliet wrote, Verona meets the ideal image of the Italian romantic city. You can enjoy an old-fashioned carriage ride and stroll around the river with armament. Even Julia’s house is there, complete with a balcony where you can sing with your loved one with some courage.

St. Moritz, Switzerland

Love couples who want to combine a romantic splurge with the long slats, have to go to St. Moritz. This ski resort in the Alps is the most romantic place in Switzerland, where after skiing you have plenty of opportunities to make your heart beat faster for the other. You can crawl together under the warm blankets on a sleigh that leads you through small alpine villages and over snow-covered fields. You can take the cable car to the most beautiful vantage point in the ski area, take a moonlit walk through the mountains and drink hot chocolate together with Café Hanselmann. St. Moritz is also the perfect place for giving romantic gifts. In the two shopping streets Via Serlas and Via Maistra you will find everything you can use to rouse the heart of your loved one, from diamonds and stylish fashion to jewelery and luxury chocolates.

Santorini, Greece

Greece should not be absent from the recommendations for a romantic trip. In this country love has arisen – at least, according to the Greeks themselves. Greece is the birthplace of the winged god Eros, who with his arrows and quiver inspired artists and writers through the ages to praise the virtues of love. One of the most romantic places in Greece is the volcanic island of Santorini with its clear blue sea and white houses. But Santorini is also one of the oldest wine-producing areas in the world. Take your sweetheart to a wine tasting at Santo Wines to take your romantic feelings to a higher level. On the high cliffs of the winery you can sound the wine glasses to each other and enjoy the beautiful sunset.

Romantic Straβe, Germany

For a touch of romance you can also go to Germany. In the 18 and 19 century the intellectual life was full of ‘romance’, but besides this art movement the country even has a real romantic route. How loving is that to take your beloved on the Romantic Road? It is a beautiful scenic ride of 385 kilometers through Bavaria and leads you from the wine region Franken to the fairytale castle Neuschwanstein at the foot of the Alps. There are also enough romantic hotels along the romantic route to spread your love strip over several days. It seems that you have a lot of competition from Japanese tourists. For more information, visit

Dublin, Ireland

For the ultimate in romance you have to go to Dublin. There are few other romantic places that can match the Irish capital, but go directly to the Whitefriar Street Carmelite Church. In this age-old Catholic church are the remains of none other than St. Valentine, the saint from the third century where we have the ‘day of lovers’ (Valentine’s Day) to thank. The pope donated the body to the church in 1836 – why is not entirely clear. Since then, the Carmelite Church has been a kind of pilgrimage for lovers and anyone who celebrates, seeks or curses love. Especially on Valentine’s Day it is busy, even with couples who want to get married. You do not have to restrict your romantic excursion to this church. Dublin has a zoo where 18+ lovers can go for onelove bird breakfast and near Temple Bar is a narrow alley named Love Lane. On the walls are hanged hand-decorated tiles with love-inspired quotes and original romantic thoughts from the people of Dublin.

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