Water On A Journey

Drinking water is one of the most important things when you are traveling. Especially in warm and tropical countries drinking a lot of water is a must. You can stay healthy and fit, it keeps your fitness level, it gives you energy and it is refreshing. Medically, it also helps you against dehydration of your body. You can eat it without food up to 50 days, but without water you cannot keep your thirst for more than a few days. In warm region it is recommended to consume large amounts of water daily. But also in less hot areas it is recommended to drink a lot of water. Due to the irregular pattern of travel, it can often come into play. The body consists on average for 70 percent of water, and also during traveling it should remain the same.

The problem is, however, that in most of one third countries in the world, the tap water is not always as healthy to drink just like that. It is even more common for people to get sick of polluted tap water than for unhygienic prepared food. The main virus infections that you can get through drinking water are Hepatitis A (which you can vaccinate against) and rotaviruses, which can upset your intestines. Avoid drinking tap water as much as possible and do not drink water from streams or rivers that you encounter along the way. It is best to buy and drink the mineral water in bottles. In tropical countries, plastic bottles of one and a half liters can be bought almost everywhere. The price is not too bad, you pay between 50 cents and one euro for such a bottle. That water comes from natural sources, often from the country itself, and safe to drink. Throughout the world you can see (backpack) travelers dragging bottles of water. Please note that the cap is goodis sealed or firmly attached to the bottle. In some countries, such as India, retailers want to light up Western travelers by filling empty bottles of tap water and selling them as spring water. It is mainly Western travelers and the upper class of their own population who have the money to buy mineral water.