What is a Boutique Hotel?

Boutique Hotels cannot be described in one sentence. Boutique Hotel Singapore are small-scale hotels with usually no more than 50 hotel rooms. The interior design of Boutique Hotels is striking and unique. In contrast to chain hotels, Boutique Hotels have an individual design. This means that every boutique hotel singapore has a unique interior design, an interior design that does not have copies in other cities. Some Boutique Hotels even go so far with the design that every hotel room or suite is unique. A boutique hotel singapore is therefore characterized by a small scale and a unique design. A big advantage of this small scale is that you as a guest is not seen as a number and that you can look forward to exceptional hospitality and personal service during your stay.

Boutique Hotels versus Trendy Hotels

Not every Boutique Hotel is a Trendy Hotel and not every Trendy Hotel is a boutique hotel singapore. As mentioned above, boutique hotel singapore usually do not count more than 50 rooms. Among the Trendy Hotels selected for you, which you will find on this website, you will find several hotels that have more than 50 hotel rooms. In a number of cases Trendy Hotels also belong to a (small-scale) chain of hotels. Trendy Hotels also have extremely modern interior design, while only a small part of all boutique hotel singapore have this unique feature. Most of the boutique hotel singapore have a more traditional or classic decor. On this website you will find 250 hotels that are all innovative and trendy.

Which hotels are we talking about now?

This Buijs – Founder of Trendy Hotels: “The strength of Trendy Hotels is that I have made a selection for you with a unique collection of Trendy Hotels, where many hundreds of hotels can be found on many large hotel reservation websites. but once again the gems to fish. For Trendy Hotels I have been looking for more than 7 years for those unique hotels that exceed your expectations when it comes to service, design and architecture. A part of the hotels belonging to the collection Trendy Hotels can also be described as Boutique Hotel.